"Sister's Gold Bouquet"

by Dana Zier, Oil on Canvas  $500

Dana Zier's Linoleum Reduction Prints 

               Zier's Bowler Flat series of linoleum reduction prints illustrate a series of historical characters, events and buildings, as well as the native Flora, Fauna and landscapes of South Central Montana.   

They are unique in that they layer more multiple colors than most relief printers use with this media.

Dana's prints are showing at the Zier Gallery in Bridger, the Depot Gallery in Red Lodge, and various short term shows across Montana and Wyoming.   

Check out the slide show above for some examples!

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GALLERY Selections

  • Oil Painting
  • Charcoal
  • Hand-pulled Prints
  • Murals
  • Moku Hanga Wood Cuts
  • Photography
  • Mixed Media

 First and only Gallery with Mural services


Only at the Zier Gallery

"New Harmony Barn" by Dana Zier, in custom barnwood frame.

Gallery Artists:  Dana Zier,  Mary Michael, the Lemonade Sisters, Mary Knapp, Lori Blaylock, 2Gemhunters, Shirley Robinett, Betty Reamy Sweet, Jake Dillinger, Quackgrass Sally,  


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"Lift Up My Soul"

Oil Painting by Dana Zier   $850

Apple and Blossoms  10" x  10, Oil on Canvas.  Dana Zier

 ZIER galleRy

Dana Zier Paintings will be at the first Stillwater Art Show in Columbus, MT  

June 27-30, 2024

(Shown Western Crow Teepee series, collection of Attny Doug Marshall)

Ask to join our plexi-glass etching class or the linoleum reduction class.

Zier Gallery outdoor mural in progress June 2024

by Dana Zier

GALLERY PHONE:  406-298-0841

Buffalo Repose:  8" x 10", Oil on canvas 

Dana Zier

"Our Freedom Place" 

Oil on Canvas

Now Shown at the Zier Gallery

artist dana zier and guests