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"'Forget me Not Zinnias", Charcoal on Paper

by Dana Zier


Rena Brouwer Watercolor Workshop July 28th.


Place of Freedom - July 16 - August 31

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DANA ZIER Professional oil painting and murals

Painting Montana Inside and Out

 EVENTS:   Look for the great interview of Dana Zier by Connie Herberg, Artists Next Door - go to Youtube


Stunning landscapes, intimate spaces, and wild environments are the subjects of the show, "Place of Freedom" seen July 16 - August 31 at the Zier Gallery.  
120 S. Main in Bridger, MT  59014

Our “Place of Freedom” can be a shallow brook in a wooded glen, it can be stunning and sheer mountain cliffs, it can be a vast mountaintop where horses run wild, it can be a cozy, colorful garden, or it can be a secret place all of your own.  In this show, Connie Herberg is at her best in the grandly painted landscape and sky vistas of Montana in plein air and impressionist style.    

 Herberg’s piece, “Lupine Meadows”, is a composition in loose brushwork, subtle hints of distant space by graduating light and color, and that breathtaking light that glimmers between clouds and land at sunset or in deep mountain spaces.  The subtle hints of purple in the foreground shadows bring to the viewer’s mind the lupine found in the Beartooth’s, the Pryors and so many untouched places in Montana. 

Dana Zier also brings out landscape, but also some of her garden views in charcoal  and oil paint.  Kristen Collett is our new guest artist, and along with Kim Michels, shows outstanding shots of the wild horses in our area. 

Upcoming workshops: 

July 28th and August 9th


Sign up now, at the Zier Gallery for 2018 workshops with one or both artists!  Both workshops have early pay discounts if paid by June 1st.   Both workshops will be held at the Zier Gallery in Bridger, MT.   Only 10 spots are available for each workshop - hold your spot for a minimum cost of $30.

Call 406-298-0841 for more info

Watercolor with Rena Brower:  July 28, 2018  9-12am, 1-4pm

Mixed Media with Mary Knapp:  August 9, 2018, 6-9 pm

July 16 - August 31

"Place of Freedom"

If you visit the Zier Gallery in 2018 and onward, please note our new hours:
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"Our Freedom Place" 

Oil on Canvas

Featured at the Depot Gallery in Red Lodge, MT, April 1 - April 30

Dana Zier

"Two Minds" is a dream painting by Dana Zier, in the PLACE OF FREEDOM show at the Zier Gallery.

Mary Knapp's workshop will teach mixed media such as "On the Lookout", above, Detail of her collage piece.